3 Different ways to use an air jack

An air jack is filled with compressed air and used in several applications that involve lifting and positioning heavy machinery and equipment. The compressed air generates a force that effortlessly lifts, pushes, and moves heavy materials. Air jacks are made with a 15 feet long hose that attaches to the exhaust pipe on one end and the other to the inflatable sack.

Air jacks are used to lift vehicles when changing tires and conducting other repairs. They are also used in the trenchless industry to lift and position heavy pipes during installation. Air jacks also have several applications in the construction industry. Air jacks come in two- or three-ton sizes, and the choice of one mainly depends on the weight to be lifted. Here are a few different ways to use an Air Jack.

The most common use of air jacks is lifting vehicle.

Different uses of air jacks

es on the roadside to replace tires and conduct other interior repairs. However, the use of air jacks goes beyond just raising cars during tire replacement. Other uses of air jacks include:

Used to install heavy pipes

Air jacks are used in the trenchless industry to lift and position heavy pipes during installation. In particular, air jacks are used during pipe jacking, a pipeline installation technique used to push a pipe into a prepared borehole.

Vehicle repair

An air jack is used in almost all vehicle repairs that involve lifting the vehicle. Mechanics use a hose to connect the big balloon-like sack placed under the car to the exhaust. The exhaust air jack then uses emissions from the tailpipe to lift the car.

There are multiple sizes and types of air jacks that can lift the vehicle to different heights from the ground. After vehicle repairs, it will take you a few seconds to have the jack deflated.

In the construction industry

There is a lot of heavy lifting that happens at a construction site. Air jacks are used to lift heavy machinery and construction materials, but that’s not all they do. Here are a few different ways air jacks are utilized in the construction industry:

  • Hydraulic jacks are used to lift heavy construction equipment and vehicles such as trolleys, bulldozers, and forklifts.
    • Air jacks, specifically screw jacks, hoist buildings from their foundations for repair or relocation.
    • Hydraulic jacks are used as cable splicers and pipe benders.
    • Air jacks are sometimes used in elevators systems in low- and medium-rise buildings.


While air jacks are commonly known for being in vehicle garages, these tools can be used in many different environments requiring heavy lifting. They can be used in factories, constructions sites, pipe installations, logistics and handling companies, etc.