Different Types of Dodge Transfer Cases

When it comes to vehicles, four-wheel-drive vehicles can be of extraordinary use on the road. While some 4X4 vehicles are for all time set gear setup, a few models take into consideration the use of either two or four wheels drive systems. Transmission equipment makers plan and design their own transfer cases. Similarly, if you drive a Dodge vehicle, there are plenty of Dodge transfer cases you can choose from in case yours get damaged.

Dodge NP 231 Transfer Case

The Dodge NP 231 transfer case is considered to be one of the most reliable transfer cases when compared to all other Dodge transfer cases. It comes with a chain drive system and an aluminum casing. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle or modify it then the Dodge NP 231 transfer case is the best choice. You can easily find most of the pickup truck owners prefer to use these transfer cases for their vehicles for their high durability and low maintenance.

Dodge NP 241 Transfer Case

The Dodge NP 241 Transfer case is considered to be a light-duty transfer case and is perfect for mini-SUV and other vehicles that do not do much off-roading. There are two variants of the Dodge NP241 transfer case, and they are the NV 241 DLD and NV 241 DHD. Both the variants had numerous design changes during their production period.

Even though there are multiple variations of the NP 241 transfer cases, there are some similarities between the two cases. Every one of these cases will have a left drive chain front output, Mechanical shift engagement, slip yoke rear output, and a CV range.

Dodge NP 271 Transfer Case

The Dodge NP 271 transfer case is another amazing collection of Dodge transfer cases. The NP 271 transfer case is a part-time transfer case, with a mechanical shift and is chain driven. It has a heavy-duty design and works perfectly on a Ford or a Dodge pickup truck. The components of an NP 271 transfer case consist of a wide chain and six-piston pinions, which are designed for long term durability and high strength.

Dodge NP 273 Transfer Case

If you thought the Dodge NP 271 transfer case was good, then the new and improved Dodge NP 273 transfer case is much better. Along with the normal components like a wide chain and piston pinions, the NP 273 transfer case also includes electrical shift features. The enhanced parts in the NP 273 transfer case help to increase its durability even higher than the NP 271 transfer case.


A Dodge pickup vehicle has been a dream of a lot of people and they would love to own a Dodge vehicle. Therefore, all Dodge owners need to know the different transfer cases available to choose for their vehicles.

Each transfer case is exceptional and explicit to the vehicle. You can locate the ID tag on your Dodge transfer cases and record the model and assembly numbers. These numbers are basic in deciding the specific transfer case for your vehicle.