Faulty fuel injector? In need of a fuel injector puller?

Is the injector of your car causing you problems? Sometimes it gets stuck and you can’t remove it. To pull it out, you need an injector puller. French auto specialists come in and deliver you with the best injector pullers.

Injector puller

A fuel injector is a device that feeds liquid fuel into an internal combustion engine. It can wear off due to continuous use and be susceptible to breaks, cracks, and physical wear. You need an injector puller to remove it due to corrosion.

The reason why they seize

When steel(injector) comes in contact with aluminum (vehicle cover) in a wet environment, galvanic corrosion occurs. The extreme corrosion makes it so hard to remove and therefore, you need high capacity equipment.

Signs of injector failure

  1. Consumes more fuel.

If the fuel injector is damaged, fuel will be wasted by:

  • leaking
  • supplying excessive fuel
  1. The engine misfires

If the engine misfires, it can quickly pre-ignite and overheat the fuel mixture.

  1. A rough engine idle

Due to uneven or inadequate fuel supply, the RPM drops below the optimum level during idling making the engine stall.

  1. Failed emission test

Fuel burns incompletely leading to increased emission.

  1. Slower acceleration

There is an engine surge if the fuel injector sprays a lot of fuel into the engine cylinder.

Hydraulic injector puller

Designed to remove bearings and heavy equipment from vehicles. It is complex to remove bearings but a hydraulic injector puller makes the work quicker and easier. The fuel pump in the car is supplied with pressurized fuel using a controlled valve. It uses a controlled amount of force to quickly remove the injector effectively. The importance of using this is to avoid damaging any other part during maintenance.

 Depending on the size and age of the material you want to remove, you must get the right puller. Talking to an expert advisor at the store could be very helpful. Customers’ needs should be fulfilled. The puller should be compatible with different brands of vehicles and if not, you can have one custom made just for you.

Qualities of a good service provider

  • Good reputation for products and services provided.
  • Reliable and good quality injector puller.
  • Customer satisfaction is key.
  • Offers delivery services.
  • High standard and genuine products and at an affordable price.
  • Experienced and well-trained specialist.

Removal process

  • Open the bonnet. Find the engine’s valve cover. The bolt is removed then the cover is pulled.
  • Remove the nuts that hold the injector’s supply line in place and pull the fuel supply line out of the engine using your hands.
  • Remove the bolts holding the injector down and pull it away from the engine.
  • Hold the top end of the injector and pull it away from the engine.


A fuel injector puller is used to remove a damaged injector. It makes your work easier and protects the other car parts from being damaged. When planning on buying an injector puller, ensure your needs are fulfilled and that it’s the right make for your vehicle. Hydraulic injectors are very efficient as they complete a complex job with ease and fast.