How to Increase the Engine’s Performance?

The fuel that is used in the vehicle like gasoline and diesel exceeds its shelf life by staying without being used in the garage. After six months the gasoline or the fuel will completely varnish the carburetor and because of this, the vehicle will require cleaning in order for the engine to start again.

To reduce the unwanted gasoline oxidation process it is better to add cheap solutions like a fuel stabilizer in the tank at the end of the driving season.

What is a fuel Stabilizer?

A fuel stabilizer is a solution that is required to provide a layer that can protect the fuel present in the gas tank without being used for a long time. These fuel stabilizers are prepared from petroleum and because of this it bonds with gasoline and prevents it from evaporating.

A stabilizer is a mixture of antioxidants and lubricants which are designed in such a way that they repel water and hence evaporation will not be done.

When a fuel stabilizer is required?

When the vehicle is being used daily there is no need for any additional stabilizer as the fuel will not have time to get evaporated as in case of being stuck in a garage.

Any equipment having an old engine, or seasonal classic cars owned for a show, in some cases boats that are occasionally used should need these stabilizers as they will not be used for more than three weeks.

How to use a fuel stabilizer?

Adding a fuel stabilizer is not as simple as it sounds. It will not give maximum protection if it is simply poured into the gas tank. In order for the vehicle to get maximum protection, there should be three steps that need to be followed

  1.   Add correct measurements as per the brand
  • Add the product according to the instructions that are given on the brand label for the purchased stabilizer.
  • Before adding this fuel the gas tank should be almost empty.
  • After making sure that the tank is empty, pour the stabilizer into the tank.
  1.   Fill the tank with fuel

For best results select gas that is ethanol-free and make sure the tank is minimally exposed to air and fill the tank with the fuel of their choice.

  1.   Run the engine and see how it works.

The fuel stabilizer has to reach the entire fuel and to achieve this the engine has to be started and run for a time period of 5 to 10 minutes.


These fuel stabilizers are suitable for any kind of fuel like gasoline or diesel engines. Some brands are only used for gasoline while some brands are suitable for both types. The brand will have directions written on the bottle stating how much should be added for the amount of fuel that will be stored in the gas tank.

The shelf life of these stabilizers will be generally for 2 years once they are opened. But when there is a change in the color of the liquid to a dark red or brown color, it should be replaced as it might not be effective anymore.