Simple Yet Creative Ideas For RV Renovations

The number of people who have bought RVs has significantly grown in the past decade or so. However, the interior of these mobile vehicles is known to be rather outdated and many people often want to customize them. As a result, RV renovations have also risen in popularity. The world of RV renovations is vast and widely varied which means that the renovation possibilities are endless.

Creative ways of renovating an RV

There are so many things that RV owners can do to make their “vacation homes” become more personalized. While some of these are fairly simple, others are more complex and require lots of time, energy, resources, and commitment.

  • Decorating the RV

Simple decorations can go a long way in upgrading the RV and improving the overall look of your space. Some of the things that can be changed out include window treatments. The owner can also add throw pillows, wall hangings, and rugs to create a cozier vibe. Other decorating items that may be used include cute pieces found during touring.

However, one should be careful not to overdo it. A little goes a long way, especially in a small space.

  • Replacing the furniture

Depending on when the RV was purchased, the furniture may either be covered in floral, tropical prints, or even a checked/striped pattern.

Bringing in new furniture goes a long way in upgrading the space. Just choose what you feel compliments the RV’s décor.

  • Replacing the flooring

This is a huge task but it does an amazing job when it comes to transforming spaces. Most RVs are usually carpeted and the tearing up process involves removing tons of staples. Changing that to wooden flooring will make the RV look more modern.

Avoid installing real hardwood floors no matter how beautiful you think they look. These are often too heavy for RV weight limits. Instead, opt for laminate floors which look just as good but come at a fraction of the weight and price. Peel-and-stick floors are another popular option.

  • Repainting the interior

Repainting RVs is not an easy job. However, it pays off immensely as it transforms the entire look of the interiors.

Most people opt for white because it makes spaces feel and appear larger. But not to say that you can use any other color that you like. The advantage of using other colors is that they stay cleaner-looking for longer.

Also, it’s recommended to lightly sand everything first before painting so that the paint can adhere easily to the walls and cabinets.

  • Changing other small details

Changing small detailing throughout the RV does an amazing job of customizing it. Small details that can be changed include light fixtures, light switch covers, faucets, as well as drawer and cabinet pulls. These are all fairly simple to swap yet they add a lot of personality to space.


If deep down you knew that your RV needs a makeover but had no idea how to do it, the above-listed suggestions are a great place to start. But then again, don’t let these ideas limit you – the options and possibilities are endless. Be ready to do lots of research before getting started. Even though the whole process is going to be challenging, the results are very rewarding. Little by little, you’ll realize that customizing the RV adds hominess to it, making it more your own.