Hailstorms can be disastrous. They can cause havoc all over the environment and result in severe damage. It is never fun at all when you have left your car outside during hailstorms. It can even catch up with you while driving, and you have limited options when it comes to protecting your vehicle on the road. But the way you deal with the situation can help you save your car before the hail can damage it.

What is hail damage?

When hailstorms occur, pieces of ice particles, sometimes tiny bits or larger pieces the size of baseballs, fall from the sky at high speeds. When the ice particles are hard enough, they cause damage when they hit the ground, especially when they hit cars and metal roofs. Hail storms strike from March to June in the country, although Colorado and Texas account for 37% of all hail damage insurance claims. Hail storms can damage house roofs and cause leakages, not to mention they can dent your car to the extent of looking like a golf ball.

Assess the hail damage

Whenever there is a hailstorm, the best thing is to ensure you and your family are safe. If you have left your car outdoors, wait for the severe weather to clear before you go outside to check it. Then assess your vehicle for the following common types of hail damage:

  • Minor to large-sized dents in the side panels, trunk, hood, and doors. The dents may not be uniform and may not cover the entire car.
  • Loose or missing side mirrors.
  • Jammed doors.
  • Water damages in the interior of the vehicle due to broken glasses.
  • Stuck side mirrors.

If you are unsure whether your car damages are hail-related, you can visit a repair shop for a free inspection.

Hail damage repair

Paintless dent repair helps remove hail-related dents on your car without interfering with the car’s exterior finish. It also repairs any damage from the exterior metal panels meticulously. Visiting a local hail damage repair shop allows you to benefit from the expertise of technicians specializing in hail car damage. Hail damage repair costs from hundreds to a few thousand dollars, depending on the level of damages. You should also check your policy to ensure if it is in your good interest to file a hail damage claim. Getting a dent removal service may be better and easier than filing a claim if the damages are minor.

Preventative measures

Preventative measures are valuable. Listening to the local weatherman and noting specific times when hailstorms are more likely to be can help you park your car in the right place to avoid potential hail damage. Also, ensure you have comprehensive car insurance that covers your vehicle in case of hail damage. If you are shipping your car, do so in an enclosed car carrier truck because these trucks have roofs and walls.

You have the mandate to protect your car from hail damage. If you are caught up on the road by a hailstorm, drive slowly and carefully, and do not park your vehicle under a tree. It is wise to invest in a good garage door if you have a garage to ensure your car is safe against hailstorms while in the garage.


Ensure you look for a car repair shop specializing in hail damage repairs to get quality repair without interfering with your car’s value.