Don’t Ignore These Dashboard Warning Lights

Your car’s warning lights are part of its safety system. They are meant to alert you to potential problems with your vehicle. However, many motorists don’t understand these basic dashboard symbols. For instance, they can alert you to check your engine, battery, or coolant. There are also lights that inform you of low fuel, windshield washer fluid, and tire pressure. Understanding these dashboard symbols can help keep you safe on the road and your car in good condition.

Vehicle warning lights are color coded. For example, red lights are urgent and mean your car needs immediate attention, whereas yellow lights mean your car should be serviced soon. Blue and green lights inform you that a specific system is on or operating. Lights can be safety warnings, such as the seat belt reminder. They can also be mechanical warnings, for example, for the brake system and battery warning lights.

Other common car warning lights include the traction control alert, airbag warning, and fog lamp indicator. Most warning lights are universal for all vehicles. This makes the symbols easy to recognize no matter what automobile you’re driving. However, some are specific to hybrid and electric vehicles. To learn more about common dashboard warning lights, see the accompanying resource.

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