Supermoto bike: The perfect blend of street and dirt biking

Opinions. Every biker has them, but as a group, there are few more divisive topics than supermoto. These bikes blend the looks we love from our dirt bikes with road-friendly tires and performance of the best street racers. Since they emerged in the 70’s, Supermoto bikes have been a much-discussed topic for bikers everywhere.

While some think that sticking racing wheels on a dirt bike is a great way to ruin it, we don’t. Having ridden a few over the years, we think it’s the perfect blend. Not a replacement for your dirt bike, just a different way to enjoy it. With its dirt bike graphics and racing tires, nothing really looks like a Supermoto bike, and here is why that is a good thing.

Supermoto bikes are great fun to ride

Riding bikes is fun, and the more fun you have the better, right? Your dirt bike is great for dirt riding, but what about when you hit the road, or even go to a track? You can get by with the ‘wrong’ bike, but a supermoto gives you all the feel of the dirt bike and performance to worry superbikes too.

Go to any track day and watch the riders in the pits for a while. You know who will have the biggest smile? The one riding a supermoto, and there will always be at least one. There is nothing you can do on a bike that is more fun than cruising past a guy on his race ready Fireblade, while riding your dirt bike complete with motocross graphics. You need the right bike of course, but with many offering adjustable suspension and more, they can be great track weapons.

On the street the plush suspension eats up the potholes and imperfections that would have you crying on a lightweight racer. They take everything in their stride, and so do you. Wherever you ride it, you will have a bigger smile than anyone riding anything else.

One bike to do it all

There’s nothing wrong with having multiple bikes, far from it, it should be encouraged. But there is a lot to say for a bike that really can do everything. Supermoto racing itself is more varied than any other form of competitive bike sport, but most of us will use our bikes beyond the racetrack too. Wherever you go, these bikes shine.

Whether adorned with traditional MX graphics or going for a more street racer vibe, you are always at home with a supermoto. They are really good on the street, and as our road surfaces get more uneven and broken, the better they get. Even something like an Aprilia SVX550s make a great way to get to work every day. They have a more upright riding position, yet also have the sharp throttle responses and power for all the fun you can handle. So, if you want to pop the front wheel to liven up your journey, it is all there just the same.

The difference is, with great control from the handlebar and supple suspension, if you end up in traffic you have the safety and ease of use that takes the stress from your journey.

It always feels special

Supermoto bikes were born from an idea for a racing event, and they all share the consequences of that. They are built for shorter runs, with razor sharp throttle responses and seats that are not always the most comfortable. Some break the mold a little, like the Ducati Hypermotard, but for the most part, these bikes are still very much built around the needs of that race series.

The result of that though, is that a supermoto is a machine of pedigree. Which is why it feels special, every time you ride it. They make riding an event, whether you are going three miles to work or having fun at a go kart track event. Whatever you do, you’ll feel like a hero.

A blend of everything is the perfect choice

Yes, they will always be divisive, just on looks alone there will be people who don’t like them. But try one, and you may think differently. A Supermoto is a bike of immense ability, that can do pretty much anything you ask of it.

More importantly, it makes you smile, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Is there anything more you can ask of any bike?